Control Panel

Captiva designs and manufacture different type of Control and Switchgear panel for various applications

Control Panel

With the genset, we also offer control panels for distribution, automation and protection.

Besides being experts in electricity we also have a world class facility for fabricating cubicles. We now offer you the following options for control panels;

  • On Load Changeovers
  • Auto Main Failure/ Auto Transfer Switch
  • Auto Synchronization with Load Sharers and Power Mangers
  • Distribution Panels and Feeder Pillars
  • MCCs and PCCs
  • Conventional Relay/Timer based, PLC or Microprocessor based Automation Panels
  • Auto Power Factor Panels
  • Protection Panels
  • Any customized panel that you desire

Our assistance in product selection, application engineering, installation and commissioning, after-sales service and training sets us apart from the rest in the trade. Moreover our belief, to offer value for money, makes us the prefered choice for many established engineering conglemerates.