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Ways to maintain & enhance your machine, in every attainable way.

Customer oriented policies drive us to create technically skilled and experienced service network

Captiva Core Ideology:

  • Ideally we would like to say that our machines are maintenance free, however machines do need periodic maintenance. In order to comply with our promise of being a Single Window Service Provider, we have a team of service commandos, who are well trained on the Mechanical, Electrical and the basic Software of the Genset, available around the clock.
  • We understand that you buy a genset, not for the beauty of the machine but to have power available to you, at your disposal. If the genset does not deliver, we fail. In order to not fail, we make sure our service team is well trained, motivated and well armed with spares.
  • Moreover, we feel that any well designed and quality machine like ours, will not breakdown, if preventive maintenance is carried out in time. We will remind you, to do so and be right by your side if you need us to do it.

Extended Service

It is part of our mission to provide solutions that create value for our customers and distributors. Product support is an important part of this mission. Owners of Perkins engines can now purchase an Extended Service Contract (ESC) through the Perkins Distribution Network. An ESC covers the costs of replacement of defective engine parts, repair time labour, and travel time. Other benefits include:

  • Long-term peace of mind
  • Protection against unexpected repair costs
  • Global support from experienced Perkins Distributors

An Extended Service Contract can be bought at any time during your standard warranty – EVEN ON THE LAST DAY!

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Cost Effective and Flexible Coverage

You can now purchase up to 10 years cover for your Perkins engine and protect yourself against the risk of unexpected repair costs. There are two flexible levels of coverage:



  • Platinum – Complete protection against all defective part failures
  • Gold – Safeguards you against almost all part failures



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