Most Efficient Reliable Power Solution!

- Fuel Efficient

- Highest Value for Money Solution guaranteed


Diesel Generator Power Solutions come in many shapes and sizes and we meet your power needs. We are a dependable power solution provider – we are OEM of major energy Brands and alternator manufacturers.

We offer customised Diesel Genset Power Solutions, along with control system, acoustic solution, exhaust solution that are designed to perfectly suit your situation.

The DG sets are designed, built and tested at our state-of-the-art production facility in Kolkata.

Captiva DG set Product Range:

400 kVA- 2250 kVA Diesel Gensets for Indian Market

45 kVA- 2500 kVA Diesel Gensets for Internatioanl Market

Meets international emission standards


Low maintenance with high reliability

After market support to maximise up time

Diesel Genset Models


Below 400 kVA Models 400 kVA Model & Above

Diesel Genset Models


50 Hz DG Models 60 Hz DG Models

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